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As your alderman I will:

  • ensure that each resident of the 39th Ward has the opportunity to have his or her voice heard
  • hold and attend ‘Ward Nights’ once a week to personally listen to and, more importantly, hear residents’ concerns, issues and perspectives
  • bring Ward office communication with residents into the 21st Century
  • institute Participatory Budgeting. Each alderman in Chicago gets over $1 million a year to allocate for various infrastructure improvements in his or her ward. This process will allow you, the voter, to decide how this money is used in the ward. 
  • establish a Zoning Review Advisory Committee of neighborhood association leaders, chamber of commerce members, local business representatives and individual citizens to advise on land use and development questions

As your alderman I will:

  • begin a ward-wide planning process to include you and your neighborhood associations in a dialogue for real and sustainable development in the ward
  • work with the community advocacy groups to determine where feasible Special Service Areas (SSAs) could be established to keep tax dollars in the Ward working for you and your local businesses
  • institute a performance audit of all Ward TIF districts. TIFs serve an important function, but without oversight and transparency, they are open to abuse and misuse
  • institute a master planning process for Ward TIF Districts moving forward

As your alderman I will:

  • support an elected school board
  • sponsor a Charter School Sunshine Ordinance to track how your tax dollars are really being spent and require that no charter can hire its affiliated for-profit businesses to siphon off tax dollars through high “service” fees
  • advocate for the building of both a new elementary and a new high school on the Northwest side to reduce our rampant over-crowding

It is important that businesses, institutions and services continue to grow and prosper in the 39th Ward. But the interests of these bodies cannot supersede those of the residents of the neighborhood.

As your alderman I will:

  • fight for your community’s interests to be heard, as I already have as a private citizen
  • promote open dialogue to create the best, most sustainable plans that can carry our Ward into the future
  • provide information and transparency, which are of the utmost importance in these instances, and it is up to the Ward office to ensure that this happens

As your alderman I will:

  • support the creation of, and funding for, an Inspector General that is separate from the City Council and City Hall—who has subpoena powers for real oversight
  • revise City Hall’s budget process to include neighborhood forums for community input
  • bring additional services and policing to the 39th Ward, so northwest side residents get greater value for each tax dollar
  • support a living wage for working families
  • oppose the sale of public assets without adequate City Council review, public hearings and neighborhood forums for true citizen input

As your alderman I will:

  • advocate for a complete halt to the OMP until a region-wide SEIS (Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement) is completed to verify and quantify the negative impacts seen today from the new runway scheme
  • demand that the Mayor meet with the Fair Allocation in Runways Coalition (FAiR) and neighborhood representatives to work out a neighborhood-based plan to reduce traffic and noise over our homes

As your alderman I will:

  • advocate for the hiring of 1,000 new police officers and require that there be a baseline for community policing so that the Northwest side is not being punished for being safe
  • work to bring our commanders, our police officers and our CAPS programs from the 16th and 17th Districts to work closer together so that information and community alerts are shared between both. This is what our officers need to do their jobs more effectively and what you need to have the highest degree of safety
  • conduct a thorough review of all bike trails and pathways to ensure that all existing and planned paths are effectively lit, policed and as safe as possible

As your alderman I will:

  • work to bring in new ideas and new technologies for how the Ward grows and how the Ward delivers its services - from apps for identifying pot holes to making our communities more walkable, and to finding ways to make our city services more sustainable




To Enjoy A New Era in the 39th Ward

39th Ward Community Inauguration Celebration


Meet and greet your new 39th Ward Democratic Committeeman, Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy for 39th Ward Committeeman has been endorsed by Ald. John Arena and the 45th Ward Independent Dems.  We are proud to have Ald. Arena's endorsement and honored to be endorsed by his grassroots organization.  THANK YOU!

Robert Murphy for 39th Ward Committeeman has been endorsed and now adopted by Northside Democracy for America (NDFA).  NDFA has adopted the committeeman campaigns of Robert Murphy (39), Aaron Goldstein (33), and Dianne Daleiden (40) as the NW Slate.  We are proud to have NDFA's endorsement and honored to be adopted by this grassroots organization.  Our campaign was adopted by a unanimous vote of members present.   THANK YOU!

Robert Murphy has declared his intention of running for 39th Ward Committeeman against the current alderman's husband whose hold on the post has ensured the continuence of 52 years of one family rule.   "The residents and voters of the 39th Ward deserve new leadership and new ideas during these challenging times," said Robert.  "The current committeeman has supported those in his family that have led to our city and state to the brink of insolvency.  It is time for this cycle of dysfunction to end."

The solution exists! Robert Murphy helped draft the FAiR Policy Statement, which has been adopted by over 20 elected officials, including both Congressmen Quigley and Schakowsky.

  • More noise monitors have been added - thanks to your efforts!
  • Federal officials are pushing for FAA changes - thanks to your efforts!
  • Ineffective officials have been removed - thanks to your efforts!
  • The conversation has changed - thanks to your efforts!

Robert Murphy endorsed by the Chicago Tribune for 39th Ward Alderman.

"Our pick is Murphy, who says he began knocking on the alderman's door shortly after his house was mapped into the 39th Ward. He wanted improvements to Forest Glen Avenue; he wanted Laurino to help set up a meeting with the mayor about O'Hare International Airport. What he got, he says, was "lip service." Murphy wants to develop walkable retail districts so shoppers stay close to home instead of driving to Niles and Lincolnwood. He wants to partner with City Colleges to train workers for the light industrial strip that runs down the middle of the ward. He has a far greater sense of urgency about city finances than does Laurino."

Check out our new video!

Learn more about Alderman Laurino and the facts we presented in our recent mail piece.  

  • Voted for Parking Meter Deal - TWICE. Cost to the Taxpayer = $12 Billion and No Control Over City Streets for 75 Years
  • Voted to Make Herself One of the Highest Paid Aldermen: $117,000/year
  • Voted to Underfund City Pensions Every Year.
  • Voted to Give Wall Street Unnecessary 100% in Interest on Pre-K Bonds
  • 36 Ghost Payrollers Cost - Millions in Salaries and Benefits Including at Least 4 Family Members